Biotherm II

Digital Temperature Controller for Terraria (Item No.:10882)

Product details

The Biotherm II is a reliable digital temperature controller for terraria. The innovative measuring and control device allows temperature and cooling to be controlled separately. Temperature control is possible in steps of 0.1° C. The time control switches at one-second intervals. It is configurable for visual and audible alarm. The display shows all set and actual values, is illuminated and has an LED activity indicator. The waterproof temperature sensor is equipped with a Quick - Connect - connector and thus ensures easy installation of the sensor. A regulator with two slots for the operation of a heater and a cooler is also included and has two high-performance relays. It is fitted with a smart chip which guarantees stable temperature control. The Biotherm II is suitable for versatile applications where constant temperature control is required. It is used in terraria, aquaria, paludaria as well as in greenhouses or aviaries.

Product benefits at a glance:

  • regulates the temperature and cooling in the terrarium
  • directly ready-to-use: unpack, connect and program
  • digital control for constant temperature control
  • ideal for all terrarium sizes
  • temperature sensor with a Quick - Connect - fastener for easy installation
  • easy to operate and individually adjustable
  • smart chip technology guarantees stable temperature control
  • control bar with two plug slots

Technical data: Operating voltage: 100 - 240 V ~ 50 / 60 Hz
Connected load per connector: max. 600 W (ohmic load)
Total connected load of the socket connector: max. 1,200 W (ohmic load)
Temperature display range: - 30° C bis + 90° C
Temperature control range: 0.0° C bis + 60.0° C
Temperature alarm range: + 0.0° C bis + 15.0° C
Temperature display accuracy: + 0.1° C
Temperature control accuracy: + 0.1° C
Length of connection cable: 1.4 m
Length of sensor cable: 1.8 m
Length of cable control unit - regulator unit: 1.5 m
All details are approximate. Subject to technical changes.


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