7,5 cm x 100 cm, transparent (Item No.:11980)

Product details

The Evertape Emergency Tape is a complete high performance connection system and provides optimal adaptability to the surface to be adhered and the environmental conditions. With regard to temperature, moisture and permeability. This feature means that almost all materials can be sealed or connected with the Evertape Emergency Tape, as well as moist substrates. As such, adhesion also works under water! This new generation of adhesive tapes also stands out for its considerable durability at sub-zero temperatures, its good UV resistance and its high immediate adhesion. The acrylate adhesive core makes for an almost inseparable entity with the two functional adhesive surfaces. With the entirely viscoelastic adhesive, unlike with conventional tapes, a durable, tension-free and sealing connection is created. There is almost no limit to the possible areas of application due to the product features and this makes the Evertape Emergency Tape an optimal quick repair aid for aquaria and pond construction. But this useful all-round tape can also be used for outdoor garden facilities, pools and even for caravans / boats / camping and sport.

The Evertape Emergency Tape is particularly well suited to surfaces like:

  • lots of plastics
  • pond liners
  • glass
  • most powder-coated surfaces

Product benefits at a glance:

  • dependable all-round emergency tape
  • sticks to almost all materials, such as pond liner, glass, plastics
  • also adhesive under water
  • suitable for lots of areas of application, such as aquaria, pond construction for outdoor garden facilities, pools
  • also suitable for caravans/ boats / camping and sport

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