Terrano Moos

100 g (Item No.:34095)

Product details

Terrano Moos is 100 % natural moss for the terrarium. It is attached to a fine layer of fleece. This makes it possible to cut to size and adapt to suit any requirements. With the help of HOBBY silicone glue, for example, you can also attach the moss directly to the back or side wall of your glass, plastic or wooden terrarium. It retains its shape after being cut. There is therefore no risk of the moss fraying or losing its shape when it dries. Terrano Moos also offers all the advantages of ordinary terrarium mosses. It has an unlimited shelf life and can be remoistened at any time. It is ideally suitable for raising the humidity in the terrarium and keeping it stable over a longer period. Especially those terrarium inhabitants requiring a high humidity appreciate Terrano Moos. Terrano Moos has enormously versatile uses whether required to facilitate moulting for snakes and lizards, as padding in wet boxes* or as a substrate for the deposit of eggs as well as for decoration. After moistening the Terrano Moos with water, it is immediately ready for use.

Product benefits at a glance:

  • raises the relative humidity in the terrarium and keeps it stable
  • especially suitable for animals with a high humidity requirement such as frogs, salamanders, lizards and snakes* can be remoistened at any time
  • produced without chemical additives and from renewable resources

Use: You can simply place the moistened Terrano Moos in your terrarium or wet box* and moisten it again if necessary.

*Wet box: A wet box offers the inhabitants the possibility of replenishing moisture. It facilitates the moulting process of the animals and provides cooling on hot days, raises hydration through the skin while also improving the skin environment and as a result prevents skin diseases. This is also used by some genera to deposit eggs .Perfectly suitable as a wet box* are e.g. the HOBBY Wood Cave 1 + 2
or the HOBBY Corner Cave Bark
Caution: In order to prevent the formation of mould, the filling material must be changed regularly!

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