UV Eco vital

70 W (Item No.:37319)

Product details

Our new and energy cost saving mixed light bulb UV Eco vital 70 Watt stands out due to its reduced electricity consumption when compared to conventional devices with a similar performance. Thanks to its compact size it is utilizable for smaller terrariums as well. It ideally combines the emission of light, heat and UV-A/B in just one bulb. It promotes the vitamin D3 synthesis and helps prevent metabolism diseases such as rachitis in particular. A ballast is not needed. The 70W UV-surface radiation bulb, e.g. for tropical reptiles, reaches its UV-B optimum of e.g.100 µW/cm2 in a distance of +/- 35 cm to the animal.

  • prevents rachitis
  • its compact size makes it utilizable for smaller terraria
  • particularly energy and cost saving through lower consumption of electricity, with a performance similar to conventional devices
  • the UV-B optimum for tropical inhabitants is at around 100 µW/cm²
  • 3 in 1: high emission of light, heat and UV-A/B from a single lamp
  • widely scattered UV-B light that weakens towards the marginal zones
  • outstanding energy efficiency (light: heat conversion)
  • balanced ratio between UV-B output and power consumption
  • for standard E27 sockets
  • no ballast necessary

Colour temperature: 3,354 K
Luminous flux: 414 lm
Colour rendition: 75.2 Ra
kWh/1.000 h: 70
Special lamp for terraria / aquaria. Not suitable for domestic room lighting.

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