Sunlight Eco

28 W (Item No.:37540)

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Our new and energy cost saving Sunlight Eco series stands out by consuming around 30 % less power than conventional lightbulbs while retaining virtually the same output. It perfectly combines the emission of heat and light while imitating sunlight with its 4 colour light spectrum. Together with the integrated AV - A component this stimulates the natural behaviour of the animals and animates them to bask in the warm light.

Benefits of Sunlight Eco:

  • modern and efficient combination of heat and light integrated in a single lamp that is finely balanced to meet the needs of the animals
  • particularly energy-efficient with approx. 30 % energy savings as compared to conventional light bulbs
  • UV- A component, stimulates the animals' natural behaviour
  • imitates natural sunlight promoting the animals' wellbeing
  • allows the animals to regulate heat as in their natural environment
  • intensifies colour through a full 4 colour light spectrum
  • tested quality with a long life of around 2,000 operating hours

Colour temperature 2,636 Kelvin
Colour rendition 87,3 Ra
Luminous flux 223,59 lm
lm conforms to energy efficiency class C
Special lamp for terraria in compliance with EU regulation.
ot suitable for room lighting. Not subject to labelling.

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