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18 W (Item No.:37588)

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The Power & Heat LED, with 18 W, is a real 'ray of light'. Because it consumes only 18 W and emits approx. 1.964 lumen, it offers considerably more light compared to a 50 W halogen metal-halide lamp with only approx. 1,600 lumen, or a conventional spotlight with 70 W and only 500 - 700 lumen. A further innovation and special feature is the modern ventilation system within the spotlight. This enables terraria with the LED to heat the ambient temperature by as much as an additional 5° C. This makes the Power & Heat LED perfect for supplying terraria with additional heat. But it's also perfectly suitable for terrarium animals who do not require a lot of heat, but need a high degree of light, and can be used as the sole light bulb for this purpose. When it comes to normal terraria with animals who have both UV-light and heat needs, the Power & Heat LED is highly suitable as an energy-saving, additional source of light and heat. It does not act as a replacement for pure UV and heat lamps, but offers the ideal solution in combination with these. A big advantage of LED lighting is its extremely high light output in comparison to its low energy consumption, and its considerably longer service life compared to halogen light bulbs and conventional light bulbs. The Power & Heat LED has a beam angle of 25° and is particularly suitable for creating suntraps, spotlights, or providing an additional source of light. In doing so, the spectrum of the light replicates natural, neutral daylight, and is therefore conductive to your animal's well-being. The Power & Heat LED's sturdy housing is designed to withstand everyday life in the terrarium and therefore ensures your animal's safety.

  • thanks to the modern ventilation system, the LED spotlight heats up the terrarium by as much as an additional 5° C depending on the size
  • 2 in 1: emits both light and heat * reptiles benefit from the dual source of heat and light
  • ideal for creating sunny places and spotlights in the terrarium
  • low power consumption thanks to extremely energy-efficient high-performance LED technology boasting better light output than conventional spotlights
  • compact in size and therefore also suitable for relatively small terraria
  • high life expectancy of more than 5,000 operating hours
  • for any standard E27 fitting
  • no UV radiation
  • energy efficiency category A+
  • no ballast required
  • if used in tropical terraria, it is advisable to use a lampshade
    (e.g. HOBBY Clamp Lamp) in order to prevent drops of water from getting inside the spotlight

Colour temperature: 3.999 Kelvin
Colour rendition: 76.6 Ra
Luminous Flux: 1.964,7 lm
kWh/1.000 h: 18
Conforms to energy efficiency class: A+
Special lamp for terraria. Not suitable for domestic room lighting.

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