Scaper Wood, dark

40 x 28 x 28 cmother colours available... (Item No.:40880)

Product variants

Scaper Wood, dark

29 x 10 x 24 cmother colours available...

Scaper Wood, dark

24 x 21 x 17 cm

Scaper Wood

24 x 17 x 21 cm

Product details

Ideal for building natural scenery in aquaria and terraria. Root pieces copied from nature but with a natural appearance. Scraper Woods look even more natural when they are planted with real moss and plants. Due to their smooth surface, contamination such as algae is easy to remove. Since they are made from a safe inert material (polyresin), they have no impact on water quality or clarity. They are lightweight and so prevent any damage to the glass. Scraper Wood is very durable and makes a wonderful appearance in any aquarium.

Product benefits at a glance: * designed for aquaria and terraria * natural appearance, ideal for building natural scenery in aquaria and terraria * no impact on water quality or clarity * smooth surface makes it easy to clean

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