Nido 4

13 x 10 x 11,5 cm (Item No.:61385)

Product variants

Nido 1

19,5 x 11 x 9 cm

Nido 2

21 x 16 x 14 cm

Nido 3.1

16 x 16 x 14 cm

Nido 3.1 XL

25 x 15 x 14,5 cm

Nido 5

26 x 14 x 13 cm

Product details

Your fish cannot survive without oxygen. In the aquarium, the water gets constantly cleaned by filters and enriched with oxygen. In spawning and breeding tanks this is usually not possible. This is why we developed Nido 4. By connecting a membrane pump (air pump) you may constantly supply your young fish with fresh oxygen. And thanks to the air lifting function, your young also get a steady supply of fresh and clean water, which supports their well-being and growth. Additionally, Nido 4 sticks out through additional innovative ideas - for example the two feeding openings integrated into the lid. This allows for a targeted feeding without the need to lift the lid. Nido 4 can be sub-devided into two separate chambers. This way you may host several expectant female fish at the same time - allowing the young fish to withdraw to the bottom area. The two included suction cups allow for easiest fixation to the aquarium glass panel.

  • floating spawning tank
  • permanent supply with fresh water and oxygen
  • sub-division into two separate chambers possible
  • two openings for targeted feeding of your young fish
  • suction cups for fixation to the aquarium glass panel included
  • air-pump necessary for operation (not included!)

Hint: Artemia nauplii are the perfect feed for bringing up young fish. These can be easily bred with the HOBBY Artemia Incubator Set.

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